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Returns procedure

1. Warranty
Videoswitch products currently have a 1 year warranty period from date of purchase. Any product that fails within that period will be repaired free of charge, provided that it has not been damaged, modified, misused, opened, tampered with, inadequately packaged, affected by any external source or been subject to any attempted repair by any unauthorised person or persons.

2. Service, Repair and Upgrade

Videoswitch can service, repair and upgrade all Videoswitch products however old, subject to availability of parts. Note that all Videoswitch DVRs with parallel IDE drives can be upgraded to take SATA hard drives.

3. Goods Returns Number
Videoswitch will only accept returned items if a Goods Return Number has previously been issued. We can issue a number by Email to The following information will be required:

  • Return address
  • Invoice address ( Regardless of charge i.e. Warranty/Chargeable)
  • Your order number (your own reference number)
  • Your contact name & Email address or fax number for receipt of our Quote
  • Product serial number
  • Fault description

4. Return of Goods
The returned goods must be clearly identified with the Goods Return Number on the packaging and the enclosed documentation. We will endeavour to process returns within 10 days from receipt, subject to availability of spares and acceptance of our quote (if applicable).

5. Investigation Charges
A fault diagnosis and quotation charge (only chargeable if repair is not undertaken. Also applies if no fault found)

6. Warranty Repair Charges
No charge in within our warranty terms

7. Non-warranty Repair Charges
Following an investigation by an engineer to establish the cause of the fault, the price of the repair will be determined, with a minimum charge applying.

8. Quotation
A quotation will always be issued for customer approval before repair work commences. Approval must be by fax, email or letter. In the event of unforeseen further costs arising, we reserve the right to re-quote.

9. Repacking and Carriage
Re-packing and carriage is included in the repair quote for delivery to mainland UK (there is no discount for customer collection). Carriage outside mainland UK will be quoted on the basis of a two-day (or otherwise stated) service. Alternatively, the customer may arrange collection with his/her own carrier.

10. Packaging
Goods will be returned with a new manual and new packaging (except where no longer available for obsolete products).